Lake Wateree – January 5th 2019

he Southeastern Catfish Club hosted its 5th tournament of the 2018-2019 season on Lake Wateree Sunday, January 5th, and it was another RECORD BREAKING turnout! It was our 2nd time back to Lake Wateree since October, and we edged out the previous record by 1 with a total of 71 teams entered into the tournament making it 4 consecutive tournaments with record turnouts. The waters in front of the launch site were lit up like a Christmas tree with all the teams eager to compete for their share of the $7,040 purse!

A very special Thank You to Wendy and the staff at the Wateree State Park for opening at 5:30am and providing anglers with hot coffee! Our partnership grows stronger each event, and we very much appreciate all they do for our club.

Weeks of steady rain pushed the lake level above full pool earlier in the week, and teams that pre-fished reported an excellent bite with several monsters being caught. Another band of rain on Friday kept a steady flow of current throughout the lake and stained the waters north and south. By Saturday, the skies cleared, but the wind remained steady throughout the day.  Teams reported an overall great bite with lots of quality fish brought to the scales.  In the end, Aaron Buchanan and Matt Hall of Team Buchanan brought home the win with a 90.80lb stringer and collected a massive payday of $3,460!

Tournament trail vets Ashley and Jennifer Campbell of Team Rip Lipp finished in 2nd place and missed the top spot by one of the slimest margins in club history. Their 90.25 stringer was .55lbs off of 1st place, but the still brough home an impressive $1,730. Just a few pounds behind in 3rd place were Richard Warskow and Mark Turner of Team Keepin’ It Reel with a 86.80lb stringer giving them a $575 payday. They also had 2nd Big Fish of the tournament with a monster 54.25lb blue and collected another $380 bringing their total earnings to an impressive $955.

Andy Pitts, Ryan Debruhl, Chris Debruhl, and Tripp Cobb of Team Knot Workin’ won Big Fish of the Tournament with a bruiser 59.50 blue and collected $895. The monster blue put them in the lead in the Big Fish of the year race!

Congratulations to Aaron Buchanan and Matt Hall for their 1st win of the season! We also want to congratulate Gary Morton Jr. and Gary Morton Sr. of Team Good times for taking over the lead in the Season’s Points Race. It’s getting tight coming down the home stretch!

The club is certainly growing by the record number of teams coming out to join the fun, but we should feel most proud of the camaraderie that runs deep through our members. A new tradition continued this month where the winners from the previous tournament gave away a portion of their earnings today. Some have chosen to reward the smallest stringer or the 4th place team. Team Cat Baby, who won last month’s tournament, rewarded $100 to the Team Knot Workin’ for their 4th place finish. Club Member John Hendrix also donated a $5o Cabelas gift card to the 4th place team.

Finally, we would like to give a special Thank You to our sponsors that continually show their support to our club! They make the tournament experience that much more exciting for our members. Jamie Williams with Jamie K Outdoors gave away a $50 gift certificate to Team Drifters for the random draw award and also gave away another $50 gift card to Team Ain’t Got A Clue for having the smaller stringer. The fellas at Lyt “N” Bugg, in quirky fashion, picked the 13th placed team from the bottom to award $50 cash. Team Zero won the honors. It’s getting very interesting on what and how you can win, so be sure to stick around even though your team had a tough day!

Last but least, we would like to Thank club member Michael Shannon Anderson for putting together a video of the tournament! Check it out on our YouTube page below.

We look forward to seeing everyone next month on Lake Wylie!

Tight Lines!

Brian Snipes and Josh Coggins

Total Weights
Place Team Members Total Weight Big Fish Total Points
1 Team Buchcanan Aaron Buchanan, Matt Hall 90.80 36.80 30
2 Team Rip Lipp Ashley Campbell, Jennifer Campbell 90.25 36.10 28
3 Team Keepin’ It Reel Richard Warskow, Mark Turner 86.80 54.25 28
4 Team Knot Workin’ Andy Pitts, Rylan Debruhl, Chris Debruhl, Tripp Cobb 80.90 59.50 29
5 Team Fat Cat Zach Taylor, Joni Bailey, Matthew Anthony 73.60 36.90 22
6 Team 2 Deep Donald Kirkley, Rick Kirkley, Russ Robinson, Tony Vick 72.15 33.65 20
7 Team Chasing Whiskers Kyle Hefner, Caitlin Propheter, Larry Hefner 70.40 37.35 19
8 Team Good Times Gary Morton Jr., Gary Morton Sr. 69.30 45.35 18
9 Team Catfish Cruisaders Logan Segee, Cooper Plyer, Jeff Segee 67.10 39.60 17
10 Team Cat Master Wesley Bridges, Austin Newman, Tim Brewer 64.60 43.85 16
11 Team 2nd String Steve Whitley, Shane Owenby, Tyler Painter 61.35 27.40 15
12 Team Jamie K Outdoors Clay Henderson, Jason Henderson, Jason Wolfe 59.85 21.25 14
13 Team Cat Nap’n Shane Morris, Tim Morris 50.80 21.90 13
14 Team Whiskers Shane Queen, Quentin Queen, Toby Griffin, Ric Helms 50.10 21.95 12
15 Team Fish-on Paul Blackwell, Chucky Ourvy 49.60 25.65 11
16 Team In God We Trust David Faulkenberry, Reece Holley 49.45 24.15 10
17 Team Katfish Mafia Chris Lunsford, Christopher Lunsford 48.85 19.90 9
18 Team Muddy Water Blues Bradley Williams, Robin Lineberry 48.60 16.00 8
19 Team Whisker Blues Mark Corburn, Alice Corburn 48.25 25.60 7
20 Team Whisker Stickers Kevin Love, Dennis Dulin 47.85 21.85 6
21 Team Adversity Jeff Outz, Kenny Sudderht, Trent Brooks 47.80 20.00 5
22 Team Lyt “N” Bugg Ken Kennamer, Mike Holcomb, Tracy Bingham 46.10 19.25 5
23 Team Tightline Brian Snipes, Bubba Branch, Mason Brakefield 44.95 14.90 5
24 Team DMT David Catoe, Mike Rape, Tony Canthen 44.80 22.30 5
25 Team Waxhaw Hookers Eric Hinson, Joey Osborne, Terry Osborne, David Osborne 44.45 21.20 5
26 Team Rod Bender Jeff Smith, Jamey Hargett, Ryan Smith 43.20 21.75 5
27 Team Y-Not Fishing William Harvey, Watson Hayes, Tommy Hayes 42.30 18.45 5
28 Team Catnip Shane Lee, Doug Vick, Kyle Smith 42.10 16.40 5
29 Team Weekend Warriors Jim Page, Bradley Tucker 41.40 14.15 5
30 Team Cat Baby Ken Frost, Bill Sutton 41.25 16.75 5
31 Team Heavy Cats Randy Smith, Ned Davis 40.40 31.15 5
32 Team SC Slime Time Anthony Dallas, Tony Dallas, Josh Tucker 39.80 16.30 5
33 Team Sparky Ron Carden, Bill Carden, Todd Hendrix, Cade Hendrix 38.85 17.50 5
34 Team Carolina Blues Joshua Coggins, Jimmy Holbrook, Tim Coggins 37.70 15.10 5
35 Team All Slimed Up Joseph Spittle, Paige Spittle, Christopher Helms 36.40 14.60 5
36 Team K&K Blue One Kyle Barton, Ken Porter 35.95 16.15 5
37 Team Cat Snatch Fever Phil Rollings, Wesley Rollings, Michael Thomas, Scoot Edwards 34.55 18.95 5
38 Team Rod Down Gene Gaston, Jonathan Brunet, Allison Brunet, Jennifer Gaston 34.25 15.90 5
39 Team Zero Brian Crook, Dillan Crook, Jason Bennett 33.75 13.55 5
40 Team Twins Ryan Williams, Brian Williams 33.15 16.10 5
41 Team Smokin’ Blues David Carter, Jamie Carter, Brian Carter 31.10 13.60 5
42 Team Cat Tracker Bobby Buchanan, Jaye Dietz 30.80 11.50 5
43 Team Backland Outdoors Blake Williams, Jamie Williams, Gerald Beck 29.35 15.10 5
44 Team Drifters Arnold Hodge, Missy Mixon 27.50 11.90 5
45 Team Mr. Whiskers John Faust, Laurie Faust, Cody Faust, Benny Mentesana 26.45 10.35 5
46 Team Bird Will Bird, Jeff Bird, Will Bird Jr. 25.45 11.80 5
47 Team Katomatic Jason Clinton, Chris Clinton, Garrett Adkins 25.00 14.65 5
48 Team All For One Outdoors Michael Anderson, Samuel Edwards, John Phillips 23.60 8.45 5
49 Team Hard At It Anthony Williams, Josh Christopher, Cameron Christopher, Layne Christopher 22.95 22.95 5
50 Team Ain’t Got A Clue Brandon Whitley, Wayne Langley, Jeremy Wright 19.85 11.20 5
51 Team Flat Channel Blues Justin Allen, Matt Allen, Charles Allen, Barbara Allen 3.00 3.00 5

The remaining teams did not weigh-in.